Three Reasons Why I Rock

(Bearing in mind, of course, that after reading them it is rather unlikely that you will share my view.)

1. I decided that enough was finally enough, and sorted out the multiple electrical devices that had been uglifying my desk all these months. I unplugged, untangled, rearranged, cleaned and dusted, and at the end of a sweaty hour or two, modem, router, printer, speakers, laptop, phone, desk lighting, broadband cable and ALL THEIR BLOODY ASSORTED PLUGS AND WIRES were living in harmony and beauty while taking up very little space. I now have more space on my desk, the massive multiplug has been artfully concealed, and the wires are no longer a gnarled mess. I can now abandon all the DIY solutions I had been considering before, which would have involved drilling. I rock.

2. (WARNING: geeky.) Since the site conversion to PHP seems to have gone fine, I decided to plunge right into implementing the features which had motivated the conversion. After squinting at code for a couple of hours, I now have:

  • Category archives which automatically paginate themselves, courtesy of the Paginate plugin for Movable Type. Particularly useful for my ever-expanding Music Geekery category (currently 80 posts and counting).
  • A right side menu coded as a separate MT template and pulled into the page using PHP Include. It won’t look any different to you, but it’ll save me updating time and server load.
  • Gzip-optimized pages, which will hopefully load faster for you guys.
  • A drop-down box menu to replace the long list of monthly archives previously on the sidebar.

I knew almost nothing about any of the above possibilities before today. More changes are on the way. Google rocks. I rock.

3. On Singapore’s Brainiest Kids, one question was “What is the name of the first book in the Famous Five series by Enid Blyton?” and I knew the answer in a split-second. Later, the question was something to the effect of “In Calvin and Hobbes, how many babysitters did Calvin’s parents ask to babysit Calvin, out of which only Rosalyn agreed?” I yelled “EIGHT!” triumphantly and my mum reeled back in shock. I astound myself with my memory for useless childhood trivia. I rock.


  1. ehh. what was the answer to that Famous Five question again? :P

    –>graceT, embarrassed that she doesn’t know

  2. There is a dynamic within cultures for language to evolve. An example is when an internet blog writer spends two hours rearranging electrical cords with neurotic consideration of neatness, cord tension, appliance position and aestetics. So proud is she of what she has achieved with these two hours that she proudly congradulates herself online.

    All of us know that the verb ‘to rock’ has been a little devalued with this association.

  3. Alec: No more devaluation than when Aslan are described as a “rock” band. (Sorry everyone else, private joke which you won’t get unless for some godforsaken reason you’ve actually heard the band Aslan, a CD of which Alec owns.)

  4. I’ve taken my happy pills this morning and am a little ashamed of the cattyness of my last comment.

    I’m a big fan of Calvin and Hobbes and can’t but be impressed with such powers of recall. The Famous Five were never my cup of tea but perhaps I just wasn’t ready for the fab five at the tender age of seven. Maybe if John were prepared to lend me a few copies from his collection…I can swap you my edition of ‘The veryHardy Boys: Buried to our balls in Nancy Drew’.

    And I actually own two Aslan CD’s, two. I’ve got worse skeletons in my music closet.

  5. ‘I can swap you my edition of ‘The veryHardy Boys: Buried to our balls in Nancy Drew’.’

    Good call, sir. You’ve got yourself a classic of youth literature, there.

    I hear the 1976 edition with the fold-out illustrations goes for several hundred pounds on Ebay.

  6. Unfortunately my edition is worth considerably less because the pages of the centrefold are stuck together.

    Late one night under the bed covers, with a flash light Nancy helped me uncover the mystery of puberty.

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