Three Poems For Edmund, Who I Do Not Know

He asked, and just to prove poetry and Prince don’t jostle on the same territory, at least where this blog is concerned, here are three. (Excerpts, with links to full versions.) I hope you like them, Edmund, but even if you don’t, thanks for reminding me. :)

* * *

My bad cello! I love it
too much, my note to almost note,
my almost Bach, my almost Haydn, two who
heard things falling off a shelf


  1. Thank you! I hadn’t come across any of these poems, and I especially liked the lines ‘Hair will become interesting’ and ‘I’d rather be blithe than correct’. I certainly would.

    It’s just time and not having enough of it that makes Prince jostle with W H Auden who outweighs the latest Def Jux release which drowns out Carol Ann Duffy who intones over Outkast who do battle with the late novels of Henry James in that half an hour after work and before dinner…

    A source which unearths the poem which one person thought was powerful or funny and worth passing on is valuable to me.

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