Dirty Drooling

This review of the re-release of Sonic Youth’s Dirty album got a lot of what I like about the album right.

It also got my salivary glands into hyperdrive with its description of all the extra goodies included in the re-release. In particular, I quote: “Then come the instrumentals. Almost an entire disc of them, in fact. Failed experiments, jams, dry run-throughs of songs that made it on to Dirty, with nary a word from Kim, Thurston or Lee. This is probably the re-issue’s main selling point. On most of their extended jams, Sonic Youth could work up a haze and mood that was positively unparalleled, and it’s fairly intriguing to have a disc where that haze is never broken by the group’s piercing vocals.”

A disc full of Sonic Youth jams, which sound catchy rather than like the mutant offspring of free jazz and a powerdrill, and no Kim vocals? I WANT.