Things I Have Learnt In My First Two Driving Lessons

  • Pressing the accelerator as hard as I’ve been used to doing in Daytona, including the time I kicked Alec’s ass, produces an alarmingly loud vrrrrOOOOOOOOMMM.
  • The rear-view mirror is just big enough to notice my bad hair day in, but not big enough to fix it in.
  • I seem to have gone all these 23 years without noticing my short, weak left leg.
  • While walking through the circuit ground in order to get to the service counter of the driving school, do not take any known rules of traffic for granted. I was reminded today, while concentrating more intently on mastering turns than not mowing pedestrians down, of my realization when I learnt skiing that I wouldn’t want to be downslope from me. At least they put an extra brake pedal on the instructor’s side of the car.
  • Note to self: When rollin’ along in my 5 point o, with my ragtop down so my hair can blow, releasing the clutch too abruptly will produce the required jerky car-bouncy effect. Good to remember.


  1. I’m so, so pleased you’re going to be on Singaporean roads, that’s all I can say. English ones are dangerous enough with me on them – still haven’t mastered the whole reverse-thing, and have had a licence for almost three years…

  2. Mark dear, rest assured that I’ll do my best to emerge from all this a better driver than you. Particularly, I will try not to accidentally put my hand on my tester’s knee during my driving test…

  3. I’m kinda glad you’re no longer in London then, we have more than our share of crazy drivers. But I’m a lot worse so I shouldn’t actually be saying anything here. Pot calling the kettle black and all. Hope things get better for you and you don’t mix up the brake and accelerator like I do!

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