They Didn’t Use To Call Me Brainy Smurf For Nothing, You Know

Today’s links-as-substitute-for-actual-content post will delight many and bore just as many. It represents a surprising break from tradition in that it a) contains no musical content whatsoever b) contains some vaguely intellectual content and c) contains some vaguely intellectual content authored by me.

  • Going straight is a fascinating Guardian article about reparative therapy used to “cure” homosexuality and the ex-gay movement in America. It even manages to be fairly balanced, although this lapses somewhat in the last three paragraphs.
  • Random surfing of the UCL Law Faculty site recently yielded an online version of the UCL Jurisprudence Review 2002, in which my dissertation was published. It basically involves me analysing Jeremy Bentham’s treatise which denounces the French Declaration of the Rights of Man as a load of shite, and concluding that he rocks. I wouldn’t actually recommend it unless you’re also a jurisprudence nerd.
  • Achtung Baby! blog has an mp3 of Nabokov himself reading from Lolita. Excuse me while I scream like the total groupie I am.
  • I lied. This last link isn’t intellectual. It’s about boobs.


  1. Like Russ, I’ve just jumped straight to the number four ‘boobs’ link. (cause I love you I’ll read the Jurisprudence one later). And just like Russ, I’m creasing myself, cause I’m a guy and a pig.

    The final passage has my adolescent inner child all a dither. I’m thinking to myself, how can this Jon character stay asleep whilst his girlfriend’s boobs are expanding to bursting point over a two hour period? Truely, the splendor of mother nature is wasted on the many.

  2. i played the excerpt from lolita while reading other stuff on the net, after a while i just kept hearing “dolores haze” in that rising tone that drops on the word haze. oh and the link to it is a little screwed. i had to do some sleuthing to get to it. the going straight article was really long, but was a good read anyway.

  3. Wow, a male who didn’t skip right to the boobs post! Thanks for telling me about the link, pharaon, it’s fixed now.

  4. How come Dooce’s breastfeeding stuff is posted on the internet, yet only refers to breastfeeding babies.

    Doesn’t Dooce understand what the internet is for? Indeed is that sort of posting legal?

  5. I don’t need to go checking email addresses to figure out which John wrote that last post.

    Ahh, I haven’t enjoyed the comments section to this blog so much for quite some time. Makes me want to take a few beers out of the fridge and browse through FHM.

    I’m guessing that Dooce is getting a few peculiar hits from search engines. Note the phrases -‘breastfeeding’ and ‘penis, and lots of mad stabbing’ are both mentioned in close proximity.

  6. I’m I the only guy whose annoyed by her description of breastfeeding as being like:

    “staples, a chopping block, the delicate tip of a man

  7. (Clarification: James was very ill over the weekend. He is not a transsexual. As far as I know.)

  8. (Further clarification: James was very drunk over the weekend, just minutes before he became very ill. And thanks for the sensitivity Michelle. James isn’t a transexual, he’s just going through a gender identity crisis).

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