These Boots Were Made For Alt-Country

Word to Adidas for using Calexico’s very lovely song Pepita as the background to their ad featuring big sports names running with Muhammed Ali. I’d have used Quattro instead, because it always makes me think of being borne across a vast expanse of night clouds at exhilarating speed with my bare feet skimming their cool damp surfaces, and that seems to be a fairly nice mental picture to have associated with sports shoes, given that my usual mental picture associated with sports shoes involves heat rash and a general longing for death. But Pepita’s cool too.


  1. Indeed, my friend, I am getting by with your usual exam output of unrestrained music geekery…

    But good point, well made :>

  2. that ad makes me Alec the new Mohammed Ali?

    oh and by the way

    i think that clip is from “when we Were Kings” which is an Award winning documentary about “The rumble in the jungle” and is supposedly much better then Will Smiths anaemic Mohammed Ali biopic

    documentaries r the new cool.

  3. I’ve seen that advert a number of times over the last few weeks. I’m glad to see that its not just me who thinks its super cool. The sister add, featuring Ali senior fighting his daughter is pretty damn cool too.

    In fact, whilst I was waiting for the start of the first round, in my by now way over hyped first sparring match, I couldn’t help being tempted to try that cool foot shimmy thing that Ali does before his fight. You know what I’m talking about right? But, after reflecting a moment I decided against it. Irish guys just aren’t ment to move like that. I’d have probably looked like a loony tunes character on a banana skin.

    I don’t see documentary chic talking off Brian.

    Enter the Void was pretty good, if you can stomach all that British understatement.

    e.g. our hero regains consciousness. He is lying on the edge of a precipice without flares or a rope. One of his legs is broked. The arse is torn out of his trousers and his nuts are frozen to the rock face.

    “It was then that I started to think I was stuffed”

    But for best ever documentary it has to be Beyond the Mat; that intriguing look into the lives of former WWF wresters. I laughed, I cried, I snorted some coke and suplexed my mom.

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