The Year Before Thirty

I really meant to write about my birthday weeks ago (because with my increasing old age I would probably forget how I celebrated it if i didn’t), but I was trying to cram too much in a post and everything got unwieldy so I kept lying on the couch in the middle of writing and falling asleep. So basically, in my birthday week I:

  • Pigged out: Iggy’s, Peramakan, favourite Indian veggie place in the East which I don’t know the name of (it’s on Ceylon Road next to the Hindu temple), Tung Lok a la carte buffet at Paramount (last mentioned here, and it’s still awesome), far too much oyster omelette, BBQ stingray, teh ping and beer.
  • Finally watched the Watchmen.
  • Attended Of Montreal, Battles, and Cinematic Orchestra gigs.
  • Took delivery of my new mixer.
  • Threw a recession party (home made soup and bread).

Reading all that back, I don’t seem to be very grown up and mature. Oh well! (More details on some of these in future posts.)


  1. Out of curiosity, what would qualify as being “very grown-up and mature”? Not enjoying food and music? Drinking cognac and smoking a pipe?

    If so, I’d choose your way of celebrating any time!

  2. Arthur: I have to admit it wasn’t my thang. I’ve never been a fan but thought I should try them out live anyway, but didn’t really get into it. The audience certainly loved them though, so there must just be something I am missing.

    Dominique: Trust me, smoking a pipe does not make someone very grown-up and mature! (*Waits hopefully for Alec to take bait.*) I guess when I read that list back it just seems a bit kidultish. I have a different plan for the big Three O though, something less self-indulgent.

  3. Yeah Alec has had pipes and whiskey/brandy books cluttering up his flats since he was 21. Old before his time.

    I’d love to see Battles. And I’d love decks and a mixer. :D

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