The Unpersistence Of The Persistence Of Memory

Ulp. Jared linked to me from Entropy. This is worrying, given that it means that people might actually start reading this blog. I should perhaps start on that long-postponed campaign of making my site less crappily incomplete.

So, um, potential person here from Entropy, hello! Some bits of this site aren’t quite done yet. This is due to the fact that much of the coursework necessary to get me a law degree also isn’t quite done yet. Every time I get caught up in glorious web design geekiness, reality has this annoying habit of sneaking up and biting me on the ass. This would be quite kinky if reality looked like Ralph Fiennes, but it tends to be short, squat, and slightly balding with a receding hairline, and it spends a great deal of time talking about graduate recruitment opportunities…

My poster of Dali’s The Persistence Of Memory keeps falling off the wall. After picking it up today for the whatevereth time in the past two weeks, I contemplated draping it, soft clock style, over the edge of my chest of drawers, in pursuit of some sort of symbolic resonance with the imagery of the painting. It would, of course, render my chest of drawers impossible to actually use, but it’s a small price to pay for the self-contentment that comes with doing symbolic, resonant…things.

What is it about Blu-Tack that makes a poster which has stayed happily on the wall for weeks, nay, months, suddenly decide it can’t take it any more? And once it’s fallen once, it’s never quite the same again. You can stick it back up, but things are never quite as safe and secure as they once were. There’s always a fall around the corner. I’m sure there’s some sort of life metaphor to be found in this. I could write a great teen angst poem.