The Truth Is In This Tee

I only ever buy Threadless tees at sale time, but for any of you less stingy than me, this new spoiler tee is quite funny and shouldn’t reaaaally get you beaten up too much unless your friends are so woefully out of touch with popular culture that they don’t already know every famous movie on the shirt.

Also, they’ve reprinted the super awesome Robot Dance Contest tee. Robots are unfortunately one of those recent hipster fixations along with dinosaurs and pirates so there’s way too much robot paraphernalia around and most of it’s rather pointless, but this one gets me right in my awww spot. It reminds me of the sad robot graffiti I always loved on Brick Lane, none of which I could find any more in my recent visit. :(

[If you decide to buy a tee and do it through one of the above links, I get a little credit in my store account. It would make me very happy, but it’s up to you. :) ]


  1. right, i realise it just spoiled “harry potter”, and thats okay coz those films are just a bit ….ho-hum!!!!??

    but if that T-shirt spoiled “lost” for me, Why i aught’a……..(ps in the end of american idol they are all voted off except one)

  2. don’t worry i’m sure the others referred to are infact from “the others” that creepy movie with Nicole K. and Christopher E.-

  3. Attack of the killer scientists??!

    I think American Idol would be even better TV if all the contestants except the winner got beheaded in a showy ceremony involving much lightning and thunder, culminating in a song by Queen.

  4. All the tees I want sold out already–including the spoiler one. I was holding out for another sale, but it came too late. Damnit.

    (I was at the Brick Lane market on Sunday and came across this guy selling rip-off versions of Threadless T-shirts for £15 each. I’m not normally bothered by fake goods, but I’m not sure why this one bothered me somewhat.)

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