The Purpose Of The Bathrobe

I’ve just come up from mooching about downstairs in my hall’s common area, having taken something like 3 hours over dinner because of various distractions. The more I realize the strangeness of the people I live with, the more I like this place. :)

Conversation snippet from downstairs: (Necessary information: Joseph has a knack of saying ridiculous things in a completely deadpan manner, and was walking around in a bathrobe.)

Me: Joseph, why are you walking around in a bathrobe?
Joseph: Well, I enjoy walking around the hall before I go to sleep, in order to get myself relaxed, and I feel relaxed in my bathrobe.
Me: Just promise me you’re not going to try getting any more relaxed.
Joseph: Well, if I were walking around exposing myself, then other people wouldn’t be relaxed. And then there wouldn’t be a relaxing atmosphere, which would defeat the purpose of the bathrobe.
Samer: I’m beginning to feel just a bit tense…
Joseph: Time for me to move on, good night.