The Dude Abides In Streatham

The Guardian reports from The Dude Abides, an annual festival for London fans of The Big Lebowski (held in Streatham Megabowl, Matt!):

“Alongside myriad versions of The Dude (lank hair, woolly cardigan, shorts) there was every interpretation of the film’s significant scenes you could think of: three men in red Lycra catsuits were wielding giant scissors, re-enacting a nightmare The Dude has about having his testicles chopped off by nihilists; the wheelchair-user Jeffrey Lebowski mentions having his legs blown away by “some Chinaman in Korea” – a Chinaman turned up clutching two severed legs.”

I salute the Chinaman. London needs more cool Chinamen.


  1. cool chinamen like canadian-indian russell peters. :P (–> his 45-min comedy central performance)

  2. No, not really. Actually what I was doing was lying in the bath, drinking a white russian and smoking a pipe. Then all of a sudden, the Red Hot Chili Peppers burst in, screaming that they believed in nothing, other than that my johnson should be cut off. Needless to say, I was somewhat taken aback.

    I’ll go to the next one. It’s literally 300m from my front door!

  3. Well I’m flattered that you’d ask Tessa. Most people seem happy enough to hear about my misadventures through the ascerbic wit of syntaxfree.

    The blocks in my path are mostly indecision and fear. I can’t decide what type of blog to write.

    1) A diary blog like syntaxfree.

    2) A travel blog to recount my impressions of Singapore to friends back home.

    3) A character blog. i.e. A mixture of the first two but with fictious incidents described by a fictious character.

    Number three I would find an interesting challenge but I suspect I don’t have the creative abilities.

    Number two would useful for reducing the lenght of emails I send to friends and family. But most of the observations would be too banal for Singaporean readers.

    Number 1 is the most straightforward solution. However like all men with intelligent, assertive partners, I suffer from a delicate ego. What if Michelle’s blog was consistently better than mine, or worse, what if I had to admit it to her?!!

  4. Those of you who’ve been reading the comments on this blog for a while will probably have noticed that Alec has, um, certain differences of opinion with the OED on matters of spelling.

    So after reading the above comment, I sent Alec an SMS observing with amusement that although his comment was funny, the fact that he had managed to misspell even his own name was even funnier.

    His reply: “Misspelling my own name could be a new low. The bar is so low now that it’s difficult to say. I hurt my back when I bend down to peer at the bar.”

    Tee hee. Truer words have never been spoken on this blog than that I love “Ale” very much.

  5. maybe its just a freudian slip indicating his alcoholic tendencies… ha

    ale: why don’t you do a combination of number 1 and 2? my friend kevinb is an american living in singapore and he writes regularly of his observations of singapore, and it’s quite entertaining for me as a singaporean to read it… it’s always fun reading a foreigner’s perspective of my own country

  6. Hi Michelle,

    I think “Alec” should go with Blog-option 3 i.e. semi-truth mixed with fictional characters and possible fictional adventures i think this would be appropriate considering the truth.

    the truth, which i can exclusively reveal here, is that “Alec” is a fictional creation of Michelle

  7. oh and i can personally vouch for the existence of alec, having met actually met him and michelle at a gig in march… he is very much real, unless michelle cunningly had brought a lifesized replica of a shy-looking, slightly-geeky irish lad with her…

  8. I’ve been in doubt as to my own existence for sometime now.

    On one side we have Brian arguing that I don’t exist whilst on the other is Tessa who reports that I do. I must give more weight to Brian. He’s not known me for eight years, long before Michelle invented me. In fact, I would go so far as to say that Brian doesn’t know me better than almost anyone else I can think of.

    The clues have been staring me in the face for some time.

    “Alec, your really not with me today!” I’ve always interpreted this as a nag. In fact Michelle was making a profound comment on my mystical nature.

  9. There, there, dear, I agree you’re not a geek. That word seems to have certain connotations of technical expertise, which are inappropriate for you. Dweeb, then.

    Brian, your suggestions are quite funny given that I still remember how Alec first introduced me to you: “Behold! A genuine Irish leprechaun!” Great fictions, eh?

    Tessa, good of you to step in and vouch for the existence of Alec. To anyone else who ever meets us at club events, let me say now that even if his dancing may look a little wooden, he is REAL!

  10. Hummphhh…..grumble…grumble….grumble….LUCKY CHARMS…mutter…hmmmmph!!!!…my pot of gold….inaudible..grumble……

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