The Dancing Sky (National Museum of Singapore Night Festival)

The National Museum has cottoned on to the truth I have always known – that crowded outdoor events during the heat of the Singapore day are invariably miserable sweat-sodden affairs – and organized a rather delightful Night Festival instead. Here are some photos from The Dancing Sky, last weekend’s performance art spectacular by Italy’s Studio Festi. I haven’t a clue what any of it meant but it sure was pretty. I was in a rather bad position for photos and other people’s photos on Flickr are much much better, but I’m still happy enough with what my darling F31fd managed handheld.

The first half of the performance used the museum building as backdrop. There was a huge flying sailship and a grand piano that soared through the air complete with dancer on its lid, but unfortunately my photos of those weren’t very good.


The second half was set in the Singapore Management University garden, and it started with the projection of images onto a screen of water in the centre of the garden, like so:

After this, performers appeared on platforms dotted around the perimeter of the garden. A good place to watch all these performers was the centre bit where the water screen had been earlier, so that’s where I stood to watch this girl dancing:

Shortly after I took the above picture, the water screen came on again without warning, so I spent the rest of the event looking like an extremely low standard entry into a wet T-shirt contest.


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