That There Blog-Twinning Thing

I’ve probably found out about this blog-twinning thing a bit late, but was intrigued to find out that my blog (which got in there somehow, I didn’t submit it) is apparently similar to saranwarp, amplified to rock, entropy and josh blog.

I have mixed feelings about this.

A little bit of self-deprecating yeah, rightness, given that my usual reaction to reading long-time favourite Josh is “Shit, I obviously know nothing about music”, and have long envied Jared’s (Entropy) uncanny knack of writing about a lot of what I’ve been thinking about, only more eloquently, meticulously and passionately.

Some bewilderment. I see many areas in all the above blogs with which I’d like to claim similarity, but I don’t actually see very much real similarity, substantively speaking. We all kinda like music, but express that very differently through our sites, contextually and structurally. We write about our personal lives, ideas and belief systems to considerably varying extents.

Smidgens of glee. Someone actually thought of submitting my blog to this project, which is nice. (Thanks, Mum.) Someone actually committed some seconds of thought to comparing my blog to others and clicking the necessary buttons. Someone actually thinks (albeit misguidedly!) that my blog inhabits the same expository landscape as blogs I really, really admire. Well, yay. :)