Thank you God for my high metabolic rate

I am full.

More precisely, I am full of:
Peking duck
Suckling pig
Baby octopus
Salmon sashimi (multiple servings)
California maki
Eel maki
“Monk jumps over the wall” soup
Scallops in spicy X.O. sauce
Coffee pork ribs
Deep fried marble goby fish
Steamed tilapia Thai style
Black pepper ostrich
Braised beancurd with mushrooms and spinach
Braised spicy eggplant with minced pork
E-fu noodles
Herbal jelly with honey
Almond jelly with longan
Ice cream puffs (multiple servings)

And all for less than £15 per person. I heart a la carte buffets.

People in Europe, eat your hearts out. Oh wait, it’s too expensive. Ha ha.

[Forgive the gloating at the end. It’s just part of my attempt to fend off a recent attack of Londonsickness (which still feels synonymous with “homesickness”) by reminding myself of the good things about being here.]


  1. That sounds wonderful. Food in Sydney is pretty much sub-par- unless you’re willing to pay beaucoup bucks. Oh well I have the metabolic rate of a slug on… a starvation diet, anyway. And, yes, the Red Sky baby’s name’s Ben.

  2. Goby fish are, I believe, the fish that don’t have any junk DNA.

    Having presumably eaten examples of both DNA efficient and inefficient (tho post-genomics bods may disagree with that etc …) species, what do you think?

    (This comment might be a complete pile of McGubbins, however. And I’m glad you’re not eating any of those, Michelle).

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