Text Massaging

While text messaging LT to arrange our outing to The Vagina Monologues in two weeks’ time, I have learned that the first predictive text word option for buttons spelling out “cunts” on my phone is “aunts”. Bless. Less innocently though, the first word for buttons spelling out “cum” is “bum”.

(Original intended message: Will your man be cumming with us or will it just be two cunts and no cock?)


  1. You see, this is why I can’t link your blog to mine. My parents would be unable to talk for two weeks.

  2. Lord, PLEASE never link to my blog from yours! I rather like your parents and would rather they didn’t think I was morally depraved, to say nothing of the consequences if they told my mum.

  3. I thought as much ;) Don’t worry, your moral depravity is safe with me… (cough up the money!)

  4. “Cock” and “Anal” are listed after “Coal” although i’m pretty damn sure that sms-ers worldwide would be using “cock” far more than “coal”…even “anal”.

    But anyway, my main question was to ask how you put up that “recent comments” section? Anyway to do that on blogger?

  5. I’ve ended up with a great list of predictive text additional words in my phone.

    The 7 key also now lists: pimps, rhys, s-, sabah, rail-2. shitting, siobhan, shits, penis, plonky, prosthetic and quasar

    The best key is definitely 3 which now lists: dvd, dalston, feldman, dv, epistemology, fuck and fucking.

    I’m glad I’ve shared that. Oh yes.

  6. Kelly: About your question, I’m afraid I haven’t a clue, since I abandoned Blogger quite a long time ago. (It is, however, now much more advanced than it was at the time, so what you want to do may be possible.) You would need to go looking in some specialized Blogger help forums or sites.

    John: I’m intrigued. Do you frequently refer to East Malaysia in your text messaging, hence the presence of Sabah at key 7? You anthropology types are so cool.

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