Tenth Blogging Birthday!

Is it weird to want to hug a bunch of electrons? And is it even weirder that I made them a little birthday bunting?

Technically, today just marks ten years of blogging for me – in essence, ten years of applied self-absorption – but I feel instead like it’s my child’s birthday or something, and that if I don’t make enough fuss over it, the blog will be sad. Which is why I ended up spending a truly embarrassing amount of time trying to make that crappy bunting in Photoshop Elements. I even learned how to use brushes and all, but let’s just say everything looked much better in my head.

So yeah, welcome to the party! Have a balloon! Might as well make as much use as I can out of the damn brushes.

Now that I’ve managed to break my own heart with the shitness of my party deco (the same strange part of my imagination that made me ascribe human emotions to a blog is now picturing said blog wearing a dented party hat and giving half-hearted honks on one of those curly party horns), I’ll redirect your attention to the other redecorating I’ve done around here. It’s not a radical makeover at the moment and is still a work in progress, but it’s a good foundation for the additional tinkering I intend to do in future. What do you think? More grown up? More boring? More cowbell?

Anyway, HAPPY TENTH BIRTHDAY, DEAR BLOG! I love you very much, even though I bet you wish you’d got a McDonalds party instead.


  1. Happy 10th birthday Mich’s blog! My blog is about 4 months younger than you, so I shall do a bit of revamping and celebration for her birthday when it comes around as well. Thanks for the ideas Mich!

  2. Nice work. I’ve got a website that’s about 10 years old but it was abandoned somewhere round 2003 so that doesn’t really count.

  3. Happy 10th blog-a-versary! I like the new design. It’s nice and cheerful, and, yes, there’s a feminine touch to it, but I don’t think it’s at all girly.

  4. Thanks everyone. :)

    Liv: I’m looking forward to seeing your revamp. I shall make you a balloon. :D

    Shapey Fiend: Start a Tumblr or something – it’d be a good way of collecting links to your battles in one place!

    Benny: But the old design was kinda girly too! I do have some less girly design ideas which I’d like to experiment with, but I need to find a header image that feels right with them first.

    Dominique: Aww, thanks. You’re definitely a cheerful, splashes-of-bright-colour kinda person so I’m not surprised (but still chuffed!) that you like it. :)

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