Shits And Giggles

Apologies in advance – there might be rather more wedding-related content here than you’d prefer between now and September, since the preparation will be taking up a fair amount of my time these last 6 weeks. I will, however, try to keep vapid gushing about people Sharing Our Joy! to a minimum, and instead, focus on anecdotes like these:

#1: My cousin has four adorable sons, three of whom will be participating in stealing the show at our wedding mass. My mum called my cousin’s wife to discuss the boys’ outfits and emailed me an update, according to which our ring-bearers will be wearing “long pants and shits and waist coats”.

#2: While waiting for the bus home, I started a reply to a friend’s RSVP text message, intending to inform him that “Yish is considering wearing a sari to the wedding.” As my bus was arriving, I continued texting without looking at the screen as I walked towards it and boarded. Once on, I took my seat, glanced at the screen in preparation to send, realized the predictive text system had inserted “rash” instead of “sari” and was beset by immediate giggles which continued bubbling up intermittently and embarrassingly throughout the long journey.

Finally Facebooked

After too many “Are you on Facebook?” questions from old friends when we met up with them recently in London, I decided that joining would be a good way to keep track of everyone and finally signed up today. I don’t know my way around yet but have managed to ask Jeremy Bentham to be my friend and provide an option for people to throw sheep at me. It makes for a pleasant diversion from the struggles of wedding guestlist wrangling, trying to give a fuck about floral decorations, and the anguished screaming of ignored to-do-list items.

My Deer Fiance

We’re trying to choose a videographer for the wedding at the moment, and part of this exercise involves watching a bunch of online samples almost universally soundtracked with From This Moment On. I do actually kinda love that song, but it’s not really us. A conversation on the subject:

Me: How about something by the Pixies, we both like that band.
Alec: [big happy face]
Me: I know what you’re thinking and NO WE CAN’T USE CARIBOU! The song has to be at least vaguely relevant to the topic of love!
Alec: We could change the chorus to “Marry you”.
Me: ……


After looking through one or two local bridal magazines and seeing way too many floofy poofy wedding gowns which would swallow me whole, I decided to have a look round online and soon found some tempting options. For example, “beaded embroidery trims the sweetheart strapless neckline and cascades onto the asymmetrically raped bodice of this slim fitting gown”. How lovely. I am sure all my guests will be raped with admiration.


Possibly the most awesome Ask Metafilter question ever: How many camels is my girlfriend worth?

Over here, we’re still trying to figure this whole wedding thing out, or at least figure out what the usual conventions are before we decide whether to follow them or not – who pays for what, who gives what to who, etc. Now although I understand there is a Chinese tradition that the bride’s family gives a dowry to the groom’s (to thank him for taking their worthless daughter off their hands, no doubt), this Middle Eastern custom definitely seems much better. Adapted for the Irish context, I believe I am worth at least ten sheep but will settle for five if they’re extra fluffy.

At The Lighthouse: Pre-Postscript

To everyone who’s left comments, written emails, called on the phone, or spoken to us in person, thank you so much for your enthusiasm and good wishes. We’re really overwhelmed by the response and are grateful for any suppressions of “About bloody time!” that some of you might have bitten back. You are all classy, classy people!

A postscript to the proposal entry will be up some time in the next few days, to share some amusing glitches that occurred in the planning (sometimes due to me being a difficult nagging bitch) and to thank a dear friend of mine who was an amazing help to Alec through all of it. But because I wasn’t privy to the weeks of planning and need to get details from Alec, who’s intrepidly studying for his professional exam on Monday, it’s taking a little time to get written.

In the meantime, thank you all again for your kind words and rest assured that I have slapped patted Alec heartily on the back for every one of you who asked me to do so. And for those who are asking about dates and places, unfortunately the sum total of our decision-making so far is as follows:

Michelle: So, how do we organize wedding celebrations across three cities in two continents which are fun, meaningful and affordable for everyone attending, while keeping the romance of the occasion alive for us but not grossing everyone else out with schmoopiness?
Alec: Donno.
Michelle: Hmm…
Alec: Hmm…