Can’t Take Him Anywhere Part II: Catholic Edition

I thought it would be good to share this story, which took place the day after the last one, just to make clear that Alec is an equal opportunity offender.

On Sunday, I slept in and stayed at home, and Alec was out and about. I was still pretty sleepy when he left the house, but we agreed we’d meet at our church in the evening to attend Mass.

The following interchange of text messages took place during that afternoon:

This is the T-shirt:

And this is the best gif I can find depicting a “double facepalm” to represent my weekend:

Double facepalm

Bizarre Must Awesome Want

For the hell of it, an old friend and I made a pilgrimage to This Fashion, an extremely cheap chain of clothing stores in Singapore where we used to shop ten years ago. I was hugely amused by this T-shirt but managed to talk myself out of actually buying it. Picked up a cute LBD though!


Wearable Wankery

A curmudgeonly post about the dull Mosaic Music Festival lineup for 2008 is forthcoming, so I thought I would pave the way for it by showcasing a few music tees I found funny recently.

Diesel Sweeties’ Elitism Diagram really skewers it. Threadless’ Music Snob shirt sold out in every size within days of its release, unsurprisingly, but girls can still enjoy some sale-price snobbery with I Listen To Bands That Don’t Even Exist Yet.

[Note: If you happen to buy the last tee through the above link, I get a little credit in my store account. It would make me very happy, but it’s up to you. :) ]

The Truth Is In This Tee

I only ever buy Threadless tees at sale time, but for any of you less stingy than me, this new spoiler tee is quite funny and shouldn’t reaaaally get you beaten up too much unless your friends are so woefully out of touch with popular culture that they don’t already know every famous movie on the shirt.

Also, they’ve reprinted the super awesome Robot Dance Contest tee. Robots are unfortunately one of those recent hipster fixations along with dinosaurs and pirates so there’s way too much robot paraphernalia around and most of it’s rather pointless, but this one gets me right in my awww spot. It reminds me of the sad robot graffiti I always loved on Brick Lane, none of which I could find any more in my recent visit. :(

[If you decide to buy a tee and do it through one of the above links, I get a little credit in my store account. It would make me very happy, but it’s up to you. :) ]

Magrittest T-Shirt Ever

Recently at Threadless, this hilarious tee. I won’t be buying it because I’ve been a little too extravagant lately, but if you also happen to like surrealist art and Super Mario and fancy one for yourself, I’d really appreciate you buying it through the above link.

[By the way, as I said once before I don’t do the whole referrer link thing unless I’ve already used and enjoyed using the shop in question.]

‘Tis But A Scratch!

If you like Monty Python, you might get a kick out of this T-shirt at Threadless.

[Oh, if you decide you want to buy anything from the site, I’d really appreciate it if you do it through the above link so that I get a little credit for having referred you to it. Pretty please with sugar (no artificial sweeteners) on top?]

[By the way, I only endorse any online shop if I’ve already used it myself, in case anyone’s about to accuse me of selling out or whatever.]


Ugliest T-Shirt In The Free World

Shao’s comment to the last chicken pox post amused me because of the T-shirt I’m wearing at the moment in yet another attempt at chicken-related humour. I’ve tried to find a picture on the Web but it’s so hideous that I guess no one sells it any more. Therefore, for posterity’s sake I suddenly feel the need to capture its fugliness here.

Ugly tee front
Front fug
Ugly tee back
Back fug

No, I don’t know what I was thinking either. It was one of my first dates with Alec, so I pretty much started our romantic life by horrifying him with my sense of style. All I can say in my defence is that we’d shared a bottle of wine for dinner and had had to drink it fairly quickly because the gig was starting soon. So, in a rush and high on the heady mix of alcohol and crush hormones, I made my biggest (I’ve made other mistakes, but at least they didn’t involve paying £15 for a butt-ugly T-shirt) fashion faux pas ever.

I challenge any of you to beat that.

Tourist Twat

They entered the hip new restaurant in the centre of town with fresh tans and designer sunglasses, the picture of a happy young white couple on holiday in the tropics. His T-shirt read “VAGINAMATE”. I guess she likes her men crass.