I was wandering round City Plaza and spotted this shop.

I normally keep random camphone shots like this for my own amusement and don’t bother to post them here, but since I only just discovered last week that you can play Super Mario Brothers and about a million other old console games online without having to do the whole emulator thing, I figured spotting the shop might have been a karmic directive from the cosmos to share the link. Just to make sure all your lives get ruined too, you understand.

Magrittest T-Shirt Ever

Recently at Threadless, this hilarious tee. I won’t be buying it because I’ve been a little too extravagant lately, but if you also happen to like surrealist art and Super Mario and fancy one for yourself, I’d really appreciate you buying it through the above link.

[By the way, as I said once before I don’t do the whole referrer link thing unless I’ve already used and enjoyed using the shop in question.]