Songs To Get Your Freak On To

I particularly like reason 7 of the ILM thread Ten Reasons Why Silk’s “Freak Me” Is 100000x Better Than “Sexual Healing”:

General tone of inclusiveness. Though Silk are perhaps being a little self-centered with the title, they also promise to lick you up and down (and to be sensitive to your limits while doing so), also offering to make you real hot and to do all of the things you want them to do. Marvin, on the other hand, isn’t thinking about anyone’s needs besides Marvin’s. “I need some loving,” “I know you’ll be there to relieve me,” “you’re my medicine,” “it’s good for me and it’s good to me”–Marvin requires his sexual healing, dammit, and fuck if he’s going to let your wants and desires get in the way of that.

Later in the thread, someone says that as sex songs go, Shai’s Comforter would KO either of the 2 songs under consideration – this is bollocks, unless you think “When you are in pain I’m in pain” and “He don’t know how sensitive you are” are meant to be kinky lyrics.

But perhaps I’m in no position to pass judgment on other people’s sex song preferences, given that out of the two songs I find sexiest (off the top of my head), one includes the line “I drink on a daily basis” and the other is about a spiderman coming to have you for dinner tonight.