Halfway Through, Need More Bullshit

It’s half over. There was an annoying little man in my dreams last night; he had black spectacles and a reedy voice and followed me around rasping “interpretation, interpretation” when he wasn’t engaged in unintelligible mumbling. Without needing to don my armchair dream interpreter hat, I think I can safely say that he was very much inspired by this man, whose existence I was hoping to completely ignore in today’s jurisprudence exam due to my hatred of his Law’s Empire. I unfortunately failed in this noble endeavour, but am comforted by the fact that I only invoked his evil name in criticizing Fuller’s The Morality of Law, which richly deserved the criticism anyway.

So much for the fun exams. Today’s went fairly well compared to public international law last Thursday, where I found myself answering an essay entirely from hazy memories of the Human Rights Act, which I studied in 1999. I daresay much more has happened since then than Naomi Campbell’s grudge match with the tabloids, and I’m sure actually studying the topic would have allowed me to write an essay more than one page long, but such is life.

And now to Conflict of Laws next Monday (which I haven’t started studying for) and Company Law the day after. I think the bullshitting possibilities of these exams ran out today. Ulp.


Must really stop giggling every time I think of the Boguslawski case, but this is difficult given that my mental connection of the facts of the case with its name involves imagining a bunch of Polish people in an English courtroom shouting “LAWSKI!” and “No, BOGUSLAWSKI!” at each other.

(Sorry, I know that’ll be lost on anyone who doesn’t know public international law. I’ll stop talking about it soon enough, I promise. Monday is jurisprudence.)

Bloody Typical

I write the Great American Novel, save it to disk, and come in here to find that my disk can’t be read.

Okay, it wasn’t the Great American Novel. It was company law notes on agency and shareholder litigation, plus two blog entries, and I’m not American. But regardless of all this I claim the right to be annoyed.

Public International Law on Thursday. If Re Pinochet (No.3) and humanitarian intervention don’t feature strongly in the paper, heads will roll, namely mine.