Caramon The Copycat

Plagiarism disgusts me. Therefore, caramonyeo disgusts me. If he disgusts you too, please feel to drop by his site and let him know what a loser he is. (Link found via Tomorrow.)

His response to comments which pointed out that he had plagiarised sarongpartygirl?

“I am surprised that its indeed similar, however its not the same.. thanks for pointing it out.. cheers..”

Newsflash, copycat: it doesn’t have to be the same to be plagiarism. Google it yourself to find out more. After all, you seem quite good at trawling the Net for content.

I was also amused by his “About Me” description:

“Well, to know more about me is like reading a book.”

Yeah, like reading a book…written by someone else!

Addendum: Just in case copycatyeo decides to delete the comment I made on his blog, I shall reproduce it here. In the past I’ve been quite sad to lose the comments I left on Xiaxue’s blog which she decided to delete (and ban me as well), and I’d rather like to keep this one.

Caramon: Your flaccid response disgusts me, as it should any blogger, Singaporean or otherwise, who actually takes the trouble to apply their mind to writing their own posts. It will obviously take years for you to bed a local girl if she fears that the minute she opens her legs you will Ctrl-C her chee bye and Ctrl-V it on your blog.

It’s quite easy to give credit to people whose writing you admire, you know? There’s this thing people use on the Internet, it’s called “linking”. Perhaps you’ve heard of it?

You’ve been caught good and proper. At least be man enough to admit it and apologize.