Fashion Statement

This may be one of those you-had-to-be-there things, or only funny if you enjoy Alec’s typically self-deprecating nerd humour, but anyway I was mightily endeared and wanted to record it here:

We are getting ready to go out for dinner to Mango Tree, one of the pricier restaurants at the beach near our home. Alec emerges in his outfit. “I was going for ‘yacht club’, but somehow it ended up more like ‘remote-controlled yacht club’.”

My Funky Boyfriend


(At McDonald’s)

Me: Aaaargh! You slop ketchup right onto your fries rather than using a separate ketchup serviette!
Alec: Yeah, why not?
Me: Because your ketchup doesn’t get equally distributed across the fries that way.

Alec: But why does it have to be equally distributed? Using my way, I get 2 possible distributions across the fries. The binomial distribution determines whether a fry gets ketchup or not. And then if there is ketchup, the amount of ketchup the fry gets is in a normal distribution. I’m fine with this.
Me: ……
Alec: What?


(In a conversation about stag parties)

Alec: I don’t have any objections to lap-top dancing.