Kick The Old School Joint For The True Funk Soldiers

I’ve been neglecting my MTV lately, which is why I only saw Prince’s Musicology video last Friday, by chance. I’d been wondering if the reason I loved it so much was purely due to the atmosphere at the time – cool night, big screen, good friends, apricot hookah – but I just watched it again today and it’s just as great even when viewed by a sweaty tired me on a laptop screen.

It isn’t actually all that profound or groundbreaking as music videos go, but it just takes me to such happy places. Kid with afro dancing in his bedroom using vacuum cleaner as mike stand. Funky-ass gig with everyone in natty retro threads. Men in waistcoats and fedoras tap-dancing. It’s like what Michael Jackson would be making these days if he had a clue left.

Senorita Sucker

Senorita is a perfect example of how production and marketing can compensate for just about anything these days. Take mediocre song, imbue with mild catchiness by way of Neptunes beats, stir in some sultry honeys in clingy dresses gyrating to a song which isn’t particularly danceable in the first place, finally and most importantly add Justin Timberlake, and suckers like me will still be rooted to the screen every time it’s on.