Bumbly Baubles

Just to show you I’m not full of shit with my resolution 1 of 2008, I took a bunch of photos of the jewellery I made towards the end of 07. I started out with my whole “making stuff” initiative by making marble magnets, which went pretty well (even got my colleagues hooked!) but they’re harder to photograph because of the surface reflections on the marbles.

I like jewellery making because at its elementary stages it needs very little artistic ability, just a finicky nature that makes you care about how neatly you are twisting your tiny bit of wire around your other tiny bit of wire. I’m not entirely adept at that yet, which is why I have taken the opposite approach to conventional product photography in the following photographs. Instead of focusing on showcasing the product by keeping backgrounds and other details simple so as not to distract from the exquisite workmanship of the jewellery artist and the evocative beauty of the sparkling stones, I have exploited various pretty things in my home in the hope of camouflaging my flawed work and cheap-ass beads.

First ones I made. Background appropriately shabby chic, emphasis on shabby.



The toy cars are about 30 years old!

Woot, a set!

An absolute bitch to make.

My favourite photo, because I drank the wine afterwards.