Last Hours In Athens

Killing time in the cybercafe before dinner and the airport in a few hours – it’s been a slow, leisurely day. Acropolis in the morning, my last souvlaki lunch in Monastiraki, shopping in Ermou, stocking up on reading material for my long night at the airport (Heart of Darkness, and I’m still looking for the latest Economist), lazing in a cafe, and now here, feeling the last dregs of this holiday ebb away, faintly worried about the jurisprudence essay I was supposed to have written this summer, and still feeling excruciatingly out of touch with recent world events. But Ken does do an amazing job of reading my mind with regard to moral high grounds being pretty bloody empty, “bloody” used deliberately.

Greece: Athens, A Blip

Back in Athens, my base till I leave early on Sunday morning. Yan Yan leaves tonight for California. I’ll probably go to Delphi tomorrow, and finally get myself to the Acropolis on Saturday. It should all go well.

Hey, maybe I’ll ask the Oracle who sent me that Crushlink email…

Greece: Santorini, A Blip

I’m in Santorini, Greece, now. I feel guilty in this hedonism, given the anguish that others are suffering elsewhere. When you’re on holiday and cut off from world news, accepting the reality of tragedies like this recent one is even harder.

I still don’t even know if Billy, Yish, Michelle and all my friends in uni at Columbia are all right.