Mahjong Would Have Made More Sense

My addictions to computer games have always blatantly arisen as methods of escaping my true priorities and lapsed once I no longer have important things to be skiving. After each year’s university exams Dope Wars never seemed as riveting as I thought it was when studying land law had been the alternative. My addiction to Stars also turned out inversely proportional to the amount of civil procedure rules I had to finish studying. I only play Wordy when I’m struggling with a blog entry but can’t get it right. I’m always most successful at World Of Goo when I should be watering the plants, doing my ironing, or cleaning the house instead.

So why, on the first day of Chinese New Year, when I could be napping off the huge buffet lunch I just enjoyed with my family, or planning our upcoming trip to California (YAY!), or savouring The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, am I playing Sirtet nonstop??!!


I was wandering round City Plaza and spotted this shop.

I normally keep random camphone shots like this for my own amusement and don’t bother to post them here, but since I only just discovered last week that you can play Super Mario Brothers and about a million other old console games online without having to do the whole emulator thing, I figured spotting the shop might have been a karmic directive from the cosmos to share the link. Just to make sure all your lives get ruined too, you understand.