Food Styling Fail

I made this Lemon Tuna Avocado Snack for my lunch the other day, and when I had finished preparing it I decided to take a photo of it for fun. While I didn’t agonize over the plating (hungry!), I arranged the elements of the dish in what I thought was a visually pleasing manner, positioned the plate for the shot, got my camera, fiddled with the settings, looked through the lens to admire what I felt sure to be a quirky yet appetizing composition, and saw…

…an abstract rendering of the female reproductive system.

I put away the camera and ate my lunch.

P.S. This has happened before.

Hardcore Fail

I like using the voice search function of the Google iOS app when I’m cooking, so that I don’t have to spend time typing in stuff like “convert 400 Fahrenheit to Celsius”. Earlier this week I was using panko for the first time, and was wondering whether I could freeze the remainder of the packet. So I intoned “freeze panko” into the app. Here is what it searched for:

Unintended pornographic consequences