Of Indie Nights And Missing Willies

Much gratitude to Terence for telling me about Friday’s indie night at Cafe Cosmo – I usually take an arrogant pride in never relying on anyone else to tell me about cool events/albums/books/anythings, but I’d have been clueless about this if not for him. The cafe itself is a lovely place; upon first walking in it reminded me of Hideout, but after further exploration revealed model planes hanging from the ceiling, shelves of toy collections on the walls, and indie CDs for sale (apparently the cafe are sole distributors here for labels like Hydrogen Dukebox and Kranky?!), it became clear to me that there was no longer any point comparing them.

I feel a little guilty every time I subject Alec to indie nights, because conversations between people who’ve spent a decade or more obsessed with music are obviously not very interesting for people who haven’t. This time, however, Dominique was also there, and in the same boat as him. They seem to have got along well. I returned from a nice chat with Daren to be informed that they’d “lost Willy”. Apparently, Willy had been in Alec’s pocket right before they went to the bar to buy drinks, but what with Willy being “a bit small”, Alec couldn’t find him in his pants any more.

“Willy”, for anyone wondering, was a “Willy Weeder” card in the Happy Families card pack they’d been playing with. Sorry, Cafe Cosmo!