Collected Tweetlinks

Twitter link flotsam from the past few weeks, which I persist in collecting here because I can’t quite handle the ephemerality of Twitter. But do follow @syntaxfreeblog if you’re into that!

Brutal Kisses

I spent Saturday night celebrating a good friend’s birthday on the very Brutalist roof of Peace Centre, a bleak expanse of mottled concrete interrupted somewhat haphazardly by a fitness corner, playground, barbecue pit, a scattering of benches and the occasional spindly potted plant, the roar of the F1 engines transmuted into ghostly sirens by the time it wafted up to us on the clear night air, like a distant apocalypse powerless against the forces of beer, black pepper chicken and conversation. It was great.

On the way to the party, this rather endearing hoarding (on either Paradiz Centre or the building just next to it) caught my eye.

Magnificent Erections

So the results of the Most Phallic Building In The World competition are out. Just thought you should all know.

Londoners will be pleased to know that our Gherkin got recognised too, as the Best Uncircumcised Building In The World. Makes you swell up with pride, doesn’t it?