Reason #3,539,284 I Love The Internet

My work day today involved a six! hour! meeting! and until I came home, read Metafilter and found TIME FOR SOME STORIES, my day sucked. However, everything has been transformed. I now share it with you. Warning – link is NSFW, not for the usual reasons but because if you start reading it, you will get no work done until there are no stories left to read and you have finished drying your tears of laughter and explained to your co-workers that your silent convulsions are not, in fact, epilepsy.

Oh, and here’s an extra because (a) I love all of you and (b) WordPress is still kicking my ass so I need to continue co-opting other people’s quality content instead of providing any of my own: an old favourite of mine in the same vein, My mother’s incredibly stupid ex-husband.