Sweet Juniper

I mostly read two types of personal blogs – blogs by my friends, because I am so bad at keeping in touch with people that even their infrequently updated blogs give me more information about their lives than I would otherwise have, and blogs by strangers that I enjoy so heartily that I totally wish those strangers could be my friends.

My reading list for the latter category is fairly short so I periodically go on big hunt-and-gather treks in search of new people to fall in love with, but usually end up frustratingly empty-handed. It’s not that there aren’t scads of blogs out there that are well-written by interesting people, because there definitely are. But I’ve often found that this still isn’t quite enough to make me feed a blog to Google Reader – much like with people, I guess, there are plenty of nice people who you can meet and have a pleasant conversation with, but that doesn’t mean you consciously look forward to meeting them again and rave about them to your other friends. There needs to be that extra sump’n sump’n, and that’s what makes real, enduring connections so elusive.

So anyway, the whole point of this post is a) space-filling while I recover physically, mentally and emotionally from the MOTHERFUCKING CRUELTY that is the Sweet Sweet galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy, and b) to share a little yay with all of you that I’ve found a new blog for my list. Via this great guest post on Dooce about public toilets, Sweet Juniper is mostly written by a former lawyer who is now a stay-at-home dad. Much like Dooce, he writes so engagingly and entertainingly about parenting that it almost makes me want to be one! For like two seconds.


  1. Hi Michelle – I stumbled on to your test blog somehow last night (I won’t say how, or everyone will see it, and that’s not what it’s for, presumably, but it was entirely in error). I like the new format, I hope you decide to use it…

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