There I was all smug because I managed to be on-the-ball enough to get tickets to see Múm at the Old Vic (well, to get Russ to get tickets) the day after I arrive in London. And then I found out about this, conveniently organized for when I’ve fucked off to Krakow. Not living in England any more really sucks.

When something sucks this much, only novelty mp3 downloads can cheer me up, which is why it was fabulous to have found:

(I can’t exactly remember where I found the mp3 links, but I’m pretty sure they were from largehearted boy, which I increasingly realize I can no longer live without.)


  1. Hey Michelle. My Soul Seek username is ‘JamesMolloy’. Mightn’t be able to browse my stuff because of router though. I’m having trouble opening the ports.

    That Darkness cover is brill. I remember hearing a sort of upbeat lounge version of Creep a while back which was very funny.

  2. I’ve listened to the Nickelback one before, but due to the fact that I only know one Nickelback song, the whole mp3 does indeed sound like that one song! Which I suppose does prove the point.

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