Struggling With The Basics

My weekends are so packed that it takes me the whole week to try and finish writing about them, and even then I don’t manage – I haven’t begun editing my pictures of Sungei Buloh (last week), or written about the non-touristy joys of the Albert Square/Fu Lou Shou Complex area (Chinese New Year Eve), let alone write about the weekend that’s just passed.

Beyond that backlog there are also the various inchoate posts I have about films I’ve been watching, music I’ve been listening to, and those infernal 2004 lists! (The top album and top song lists are still owing, and I’m actually still adamant on posting them, hopefully before 2006.) So at the moment, imagine blog entries about this weekend as faint shimmering mirages on the distant sands of a desert, and me the wild-eyed pucker-mouthed wanderer crawling towards them.

However, I can share this encounter with you quite quickly:

When lift doors opened at the Marine Parade library yesterday, a young couple who had been waiting outside barged in. The old lady who had been inside smiled a little bemusedly, holding the lift door open for them as they pushed by her. The guy was holding a large hardcover book – Society: The Basics.

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  1. You know Michelle, it was your mum who taught me it was only polite to wait for others to come out of the lift first before going in…. that was ages ago, when we were kids…and she told me that at the Amber Park lobby.


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