Strip Clubs And Bras And Nipple Rings, Oh My!

Strangely fun weekend. Dreadfully disappointed on Saturday night when plans of going to a strip club with the boyfriend fell through; we had to settle for a quiet romantic night in instead, bah.

Downstairs in the hall on Sunday night, Natalie decides to discard clothes she can’t fit into any more, and offers me a bra. “It’s a lovely bra, Nat, but somehow I think my mother might not be pleased if I told her I spent my time in England wearing other girls’ bras.” Zad cheerfully offers to take it, but then decides his mother would probably be even more worried than mine. He does, however, accept a “Let’s Party!” baby-tee and strips off (in the dining room) to try it on. Given that it’s way beyond skin-tight on him and ends somewhere at his ribs, his nipple ring is obvious to all. Natalie’s just twiddling it when Father Jeremy walks in.