Stress Surrounds In The Muddy Peaceful Centre Of This Town

I spent the night singing along to five albums worth of Pavement instead of studying, which is quite absurd, given that I don’t know the majority of their lyrics.

The other day I said I’d be content if Stephen Malkmus would just perform three Pavement songs when I go to see his gig next week.

I lied.

After spending last night listening to the five Pavement albums I own, in chronological order (with a break for West Wing between Wowee Zowee and Brighten The Corners), I have come to the conclusion that I also want Here, Silence Kit, Range Life, Fillmore Jive (hell, all of Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain, which I’ve just decided trumps Slanted And Enchanted on my desert island disc list), Rattled By The Rush, Brinx Job, Half A Canyon, Stereo, Transport Is Arranged…oh, I just want Pavement never to have broken up…

And when I did study, this is what I had to snuggle up to. Try this excerpt from EU Law (Craig & De Burca), which is a very, very thick book:

“The semi-communautairisation of the third pillar and the simultaneous infiltration of the Community Treaty by third-pillar features emphasise the increasing complexity and mixity of the European Union constitutional order, and an inevitable move away from the clarity and simplicity of the Community legal order of the past.”

These writers regret a move away from “clarity and simplicity”? Could’ve fooled me.