Stor Of Myself

StorTroopers are back! I’ve lost the original StorTrooper I posted on this blog in 2001, but recreated one for old time’s sake. And then I made a couple more. (Sorry to any Walt Whitman fans out there for that terrible title, I just couldn’t think of anything else.)

Butchmania Michelle, 2001

Girly Michelle, 2005, with cat

Fusion Confusion Michelle, in loving memory of the days when I had a black girl’s ass in a yellow girl’s body

Dominatrix Michelle, FOREVER


  1. When she’s supposed to be working obviously. I got busted for internet use over the Christmas period. 28 hours oer 5 days. 2,500 pages.

    They like printed a shit load of it off and made me have a meeting with HR over it. :D

  2. Hm. I kinda thought that internet connection (and hence net surfing) is mandatory in the office? It seems to be at MY office. ;)

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