Stealy Determination

Today I stole. I snuck into the lower refrectory, looked around me nervously, and surreptitiously eased styrofoam cups off the drinks counter into the bag I’d brought for that purpose.

I did this three separate times during the day.

Why, you may wonder? Blame it all on trying to organize an inter-varsity debating tournament which has been suddenly and unexpectedly thrown into financial crisis. It’s tomorrow. I’m a little stressed. I sure hope they accept that explanation of things when I’m in the dock at the Old Bailey.

The styrofoam cups, by the way, are for the debaters to put their hot drinks in at the tournament. I wasn’t just being randomly kleptomaniacal.

This afternoon I also got my first glimpse of Trigger Happy TV thanks to Matt, who was watching his Best of Season One tape in the TV room, parts of which were possibly spattered with little flecks of Chicken Tonight Spanish Chicken sauce each time a particular skit amused me. I suppose most British viewers might be jaded and cynical about the show by now, the way they’ve become about Ali G, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. At least it’s better than America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Side thought: I wonder if that show began the whole Some Place’s Somethingest Somethings trend. Jeez. From America’s Funniest Home Videos to World’s Most Gruesome Multiple Vehicle Pileups or something to that effect. Talk about the slippery slope.