Stashing Pumpkins

Number two in an occasional series of stunning witticisms I make in conversation which I feel the need to share with the world. This is from last night at Hideout with Dom, Ida and David.

Ida: Remember that pumpkin I stole from ____ bar around Halloween? Well, we went to _____ bar after that and the bartender stole it from me.
Me: You were brandishing the pumpkin while ordering a drink?
Ida: I put it on the counter. So anyway, now every time I go back there he keeps saying, “I’ve got your pumpkin” and flirting with me.
Me: I guess you’re his jack-off-lantern.

I kill myself sometimes.


  1. Hi michelle, this is joe whom u met at jacob’s black forest gig/karaoke/yeeehaaar party. I misplaced your email add. Want to send u pics from that nite.


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