St Synchronicity

The two books I’m reading at the moment are 100 Years of Solitude (re-reading) and Life And Times Of Michael K.

In 100 Years Of Solitude, a plaster statue of St Joseph left by an unknown visitor at the Buendia house is found to be full of gold coins. For years after that, Ursula, the matriarch of the family, insists on asking every visitor to the house whether they once left a plaster statue of St Joseph there. She has hidden the coins to keep them safe for their owner, and steadfastly refuses to reveal where they are to anyone else.

13 pages into Life And Times Of Michael K, a plaster statue of St Joseph has been stolen from a charitable mission building, now devastated by an outbreak of looting and disorder.


  1. Once, when I was 12, I was reading a book and a short story at the same time. The book was Red Sky in the Morning and its main characters were a girl and her baby brother who had hydrocephalus. Halfway through, I put the book down to read The Scarlet Ibis, about a boy and his mentally disabled brother. Who died, struck by lightning. Sighing I returned to Red Sky in the Morning. The girl’s brother died, of what I can’t remember. I was moody the rest of the day.

  2. Oooohhh Red Sky in the Morning! I think that was my sec 1 literature text. Books that I read at those ages (impressionable puberty) always leave a fond imprint. I sobbed my eyes out when after Ben died the sister goes into his empty room and felt how empty it was…

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