Spoons, Forks And Sculpture

For Nabokov fans, this random gem from a Craig Raine article in the Guardian about Ron Mueck’s current Edinburgh exhibition:

Vladimir Nabokov once asked his protégé, Alfred Appel, how academe was weathering a period of widespread student unrest in the 1960s. Appel reported that things at his university were quiet: a nun had complained that couples were “spooning” at the back of lectures. Nabokov pounced: “You should have told her to thank God they weren’t forking.”

I’d love to go to this exhibition. There were only a few Ron Mueck pieces in the Saatchi Gallery when I went, but they captured my attention more than skanky beds and stuffed sharks.


  1. notchy, if you’re talking about the hyper-realistic life-size ones, I think those are actually by someone else (whose name unfortunately escapes me at the moment). But hey, I loved those too!

  2. I loved those … someone Hanson?

    Ron Mueck did the sad looking naked people, I loved them. Almost as much as I loved the story about the melting of Marc Quinn’s bust in Nigella’s freezer

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