Sounds Of Tweedness

Metafilter’s discussion of the Oink shutdown was going quite predictably until Pastabagel went delightfully classic-rock curmudgeon crazy. An excerpt:

Well, la-dee-da, I beg of thee a thousand pardons. I guess The Melancolics performing Ennui No. 4 at the fucking Knitting Factory on a Monday night is the ne plus ultra of music. The wave of the future is shoe-gaze or shoecore or whatever the fuck you call it. Poor baby has too much anxiety on stage to look at the audience, so he gazes at his shoes. Yeah, that’s so much better to watch than jumping off the monitors while playing your Strat with your teeth and then setting it on fire.

You know what your music sounds like? It sounds like tweed.

Dandy tweed music. That’s probably a band you like. The Dandy Tweeds. From Leeds.

A flaming double neck guitar salute to you, Mr/Ms Pastabagel! And just for that brilliant snark about Broken Social Scene (not excerpted, read the whole rant to get it in context), you can have the soul of my firstborn.


  1. Remind me to buy said offspring Guitar Hero for its birthday.

    It’s a tough week in which both Oink and TV-Links shuts down. What’s a lazy student to do? Thank goodness I’ve got some proper rawk star behavour to look forward to at the weekend.

  2. I KNOW!
    But I’m just going to play it cool, like as if I never noticed. If I start to observe any other signals I’ll fall back on my devious master plan.
    “Oh dear. Look at this set of stray Persian kittens that I found abandoned near our appartment. They look wet and cold and in need of maternal love.”

  3. NO SHE IS NOT, it was a rhetorical device! But if the threat of it might get me some kittens…

  4. Don’t buy it guitar hero, dammit. I was having a discussion in the pub last night whereby we talked about people who have devoted a large proportion of their life learning to play guitar hero. How much better that time would have been spent learning to play the guitar. It would be a more transferable skill and they would find it easier to get laid in later years.

  5. lol

    At least they would be financially independant from a younger age and you would get lots of grandchildren. Even if no one knew they existed until the kid hit their teens.

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