Sometimes I Get That Not-So-Fresh Feeling

We found out from a Singapore guidebook that the Sultan Mosque was designed by an Irishman named Denis Santry. This delighted me.

“So, in Denis Santry’s salad days, when he was a young wild man living on his own, what did they call his little flat?” I asked Alec.

“What?” asked Alec, in a voice already steely with pain and resignation.


I’m so witty.


  1. I think I’d spell it bDum TSHHH! But if I did, no one would have a clue what I meant except in the context of this comments page.

    Come on, someone give me a “waka waka”.

  2. I think as long as you get the expression and the vaguely chicken-like armpit flex right, spelling is less important.

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