Some Days

You know how some days you wake up at two and start swearing wildly because you meant to wake up at eight and be all responsible instead of sleeping half the day away, and then you mean to go grocery shopping, but instead you squander even more hours away in the computer room, and you return home seething with disgust, and then you find a CD-shaped parcel in your pigeon-hole wrapped with paper saying “This is not a CD” repeated all over it in various sizes and ink densities, and there’s a poster-shaped parcel waiting for you in reception, and when you get up to your room and open them, they’re belated birthday presents from your best friend, and one is the lovely soundtrack to Hilary And Jackie, and the other is a beautiful rare Sandman poster you’ve spent years longing, longing, longing to own?

Usually, me neither, which is why yesterday was so great. Thanks, Russ. :)