Slightly Social Syntaxfree

Just a quick note to let you know about some minor tweaks I’ve made over here:

  • You can now follow @syntaxfreeblog on Twitter to get notified of new posts, or if you prefer email notifications you can subscribe to those instead. (As always, you can also subscribe in a reader, which is my own preferred way of keeping up with the blogs I read.)
  • If you find it a hassle to type in a name and email address to leave comments, you can now comment using your Twitter or Facebook identity. Bear in mind, though, that this is purely for your convenience – I personally still prefer to choose which name and email address I want to associate with comments I leave elsewhere.
  • If you are reading this on a smartphone, you are seeing this blog repackaged in a smartphone-friendly format. Yay!

One Comment

  1. Opened syntaxfree on my tablet and was pleasantly surprised with the new layout. Looks great. My inner actuary loves the grey and blue color palate.

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