One more photo from the weekend. This was taken at Gilman Village, but the building itself is on Alexandra Road. I was just experimenting with some tips Russ gave me last weekend on using the spot meter, and am quite happy with the results here.



  1. Shiny, shiny!

    Oh, yes, after weeks of stalking, I believe I finally have figured out who you are. Hurrah for me! Yay! Yippee!

    Alright, that’s all the stupidity I can muster for now. Back to the grind.

  2. Ha ha. Hi J Schnorng. It was never hard to figure out who you were, since you have pictures on your site. “Wah lan eh, I trained that big fuck in his oral skills when he was a small fuck!”

    Have been enjoying your site almost since its inception, by the way, though its non-work-safeness means I don’t get much chance to read it except for the weekends. I’m not particularly interested in the “Singapore blogosphere” or whatever people are calling it these days but you seem to be rapidly gaining popularity in it, and deservedly so.

  3. gosh i love the way the sky is reflected in the building, and nowhere else. coolness!

  4. WOW! Very nice indeed. :) Is there anything you’re not good at SuperMich? ;)

  5. Ha ha Xue, if you saw my attempts at drawing (or speaking Chinese) you’d realize you spoke too soon. :)

  6. Michelle is also dreadful at pouring lager from a bottle into a glass. No matter how many times I demonstrate the technique, and I do frequently, she still ends up with a glass which is one part lager to four parts frothy head.

  7. “Hi, my name is Alec and I’m a


  8. “Hic,..ok Michelle, I’m going to denon, dempon,….I’m going to SHOW you one last time,..hic…….HEY!!Bar man, I want another queer, I mean BEER.”

    “Miss, can you take this idiot home.”

  9. “she still ends up with a glass which is one part lager to four parts frothy head.”

    simply put, man, Michelle likes to give you head.

  10. *grin* I remember Luke’s and your’s famous (or should I say INfamous) Chinese poem, that went roughly in this kind of format from what I recall:

    “Wo kan xiao niao fei ah fei” (I see the birds flying)

    “Wo zai chao shang pao ah pao” (I run in the open fields)

    etc etc.

    ;) Anyone else who remembers that? (Gracie? Don?)

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