Singapore’s Fault

Damn Singapore and its low CD prices. I’m spiralling out of control.


  • Mahler’s 5th/Solti/Chicago Symphony Orchestra (S$14.90)
  • Stereo MCs: Connected (S$18.90)
  • Aimee Mann: Bachelor No. 2 (S$17.99)

Wednesday: I had a couple of hours to kill in between lunch and holiday planning with Yan Bin and dinner with Saffry, and think I actually managed remarkable restraint for such circumstances.

  • Brahms’ 4 symphonies, Tragic Overture and Variations/Sanderling/Dresden SO
    (S$21.99 for three CDs!!)
  • REM: Murmur (S$17.99. Just one of many shocking gaps in my CD collection which I’m gradually trying to fill)

Thursday: Thank God I had lindy-hopping at 7, or it might have been worse. Half an hour is all I should ever allow myself.

  • Cocteau Twins: Stars And Topsoil (S$19.90)
  • Adiemus: Best Of (S$13.90)

And it’s not over. Borders has all these at S$17.99, and I am sorely tempted:

  • Sebadoh: Harmacy, Bakesale (which one first?)
  • Red House Painters: it doesn’t have a title but the first track’s called Grace Cathedral Park
  • Fugazi: Red Medicine, End Hits, In On The Kill Taker (I don’t have any Fugazi albums, yes, more shocking gaps, I know.