I lost the draft post for this in the server meltdown so the topic of discussion is obviously yesterday’s “news” by now, but I remembered the incident while listening to the radio today and decided to resurrect this conversational fragment anyway. I’m always amused by the strange things that move Alec to angry pithiness.

Me, reading the news: Henceforth, Beyonce’s new stage name shall be Sasha Fierce.
Alec: WHAT.
Me: It is designed to emphasise a fiercer musical direction.
Alec, looking genuinely aggrieved: She’s about as fierce as a Care Bear’s nipple!


  1. Pitchfork made a good point. Christina did a double-deluxe edition album last year. She’s copying the whole ‘show biz persona’ and ‘down to earth persona’ off Hannah Montana, T.I. and Garth Brooks. Hasn’t her record label got any new ideas?

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