Silks And Linens Of Yesterday’s Gowns

Okay. I’m green like the Hulk. This year’s All Tomorrow’s Parties lineup has six curators and is held over two weekends. Out of the six curators, three are Sonic Youth, Stephen Malkmus and Mogwai. OMFG.

I’m always a little self-conscious using the word “dream” because it feels so Judy Garland but attending this festival has been my dream since it began in 1999. Under a deluded sense of priorities, I never managed to go while I was in England because it always managed to coincide with the freakout period in April where I realized I had four weeks to claw myself out of a year of complete academic neglect. Well, that and the fact that until my last year in England I didn’t know anyone who a) shared my taste in music and b) had the funds to commit to a weekend residential festival as opposed to a gig in Shepherd’s Bush and c) were good enough company for me to actually want to spend an entire weekend with. Benny only made the transition from ostensibly sane but potentially axe-murderer email buddy to real life friend in my Masters year.

I’m sure I’ll finally get my chance some day, unless (God forbid) I lose this hunger for music and start thinking Dido CDs should actually be played rather than used as cool holographic coasters, but in the meantime, I am here and All Tomorrow’s Parties is there, and all I can say is that this post was originally liberally dotted with obscenities but I edited them out because I’ve been thinking lately I swear too much.


  1. I think you should swear more often. I swore at that head of administration I was telling you about, the fucking mind-numbing incompetent that he is.

    Swearing is good.

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