Shout Outs

For almost all my blogging life (nearly four years now) my blog has been rather like an ostrich with its head in the sand. Until now, it has refused to acknowledge, at least on its front page, that other sites exist on the Web.

Linking to other sites is the palm grease of the blog world. At best, they notice you in their referrer logs, click on your URL and go whoo, here’s a new blog I haven’t read before, my god! it’s fascinating, I must add it to my sidebar too! At worst, they ignore your attempt at emotional blackmail because they refuse to mislead their public by linking to a site they don’t actually like enough to read much, and you languish in obscurity forever – being enough of an exhibitionist to have started a blog in the first place, this is obviously not what you want.

I, of course, have remained above all this, not out of any nobility of character, but out of sheer laziness. But no more. Tonight, sheer boredom took on sheer laziness and finally won. If your site is there but you’d rather I removed it, please let me know.


  1. Eeek! (The Cat)

    I guess I have to get off my lazy arse and post some new entries on my blog to let you in on the past couple of months of my life.

    Some obscure neurotic region of my brain has this thought that you did this link thing just in some weird round about way to force me to update my blog. If so, beeeatch! : )

    Michelle: No, you get out of bed(!)…

    Russ: Okay…

    Michelle: Russ, you’re not moving…

    Russ: I know.

  2. You’re very kind. I have of course, preempted this and reciprocated. Anyone in London, Circle Line Pub Crawl on 2nd October.

  3. I thoroughly approve of this new addition. I love exploring peoples’ links. And I quite like the way thy’ve been divided up. My only quibble is that, together with the extensive category archive, they fairly clutter up the front page.

    Is it just me?

  4. Jol: Erm, why has your site suddenly disappeared? It’s okay if you don’t want to be associated with me, but you don’t have to go to such lengths! :P

    Alec: A good point, and, indeed, one of the reasons I was reluctant to do this before. As always, the Redesign (where I’d tackle that clutter) is still part of my cunning plan, but progressing very slowly due to my complete lack of visual creativity.

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